Professional Residential Roofing


Arrowhead Roofing & Construction provides professional roofing services to homeowners and home builders throughout the Hill Country. We are licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT), ensuring our work is of the highest quality.

Roof Inspection

Whether you have a leak now or want to be sure to prevent one, call on us to take a look. If there’s any evidence of poor workmanship, damage, or excessive wear and tear, we’ll find it. And we work with insurance adjusters to help make sure your insurer covers the work in full.

Roof Repair

If you see evidence of damage to your roof or signs of a leak, you’ll want to act quickly. Contact us to request a roof repair estimate. We take the time to look over the entire roof and recommend repairs wherever there are signs of penetration to prevent future issues.

Roof Replacement

Years of wear and tear eventually make replacement a better option over spot repairs. We fabricate and install metal roofs that are extremely durable and long-lasting. These roofs are extremely popular throughout the area for their hail resistance and aesthetic appeal.

New Roof Construction

We take care of every aspect of new roof construction throughout the home building process. As a single point of contact for builders and homeowners, you won’t have to deal with multiple service providers. We handle it all, from planning to materials, fabrication, and installation.

Always on point.

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