Your Hill Country Residential Roofing Professionals

As a proud Texas homeowner, you know the roof that protects your home is an important investment. You need the peace of mind that only comes from working with a roofing company you can trust. 

Homeowners in Austin, San Antonio, and throughout the Hill Country know they can put their trust in Arrowhead Roofing & Construction. Owner Joshua Campbell has served the area since 2007, earning the community’s trust one quality roof at a time.


Why Arrowhead Roofing & Construction?



Our team represents decades of combined experience in roofing repair and construction. Each one of us takes pride in attending to every detail of the roofing projects we take on. And that pride always shows in the finished product.



Joshua is hands-on with every project, personally attending to the quality of the work. You’ll be in contact with him from start to finish and beyond should you have any issues with the work - all of which is under warranty.



It helps to work with a roofer who knows the area well. Joshua has discovered and corrected all kinds of local workmanship errors, fixed all kinds of damage from Hill Country weather, and he knows how to fabricate high-quality roofs that fit in with the local style.



Owner Joshua Campbell is licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT). This is an important distinction. Many roofers in the region have no license because Texas doesn’t require one. RCAT licensure ensures that Arrowhead Roofing & Construction provides professional service of the highest quality.

Always on point.

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